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Condit Exhibits - [Matillion]

Matillion, the leading provider of data transformation software for cloud data warehouses, wanted a bigger presence at AWS re:invent 2019 to emphasize its new product announcement for Matillion Data Loader.

When Matillion approached Condit Exhibits, their goal was to build an exhibit that introduced new customers to the Matillion brand, create a fresh but familiar look for current customers and partners, and effectively communicate Matillion’s Team Transform skillset and benefits. The Colorado based Condit Exhibits utilized the beMatrix® system and LEDskin® to provide value, enticing exhibit components, and visually striking structures.

The Matillion exhibit used several design elements to efficiently segment the environment at the booth for show attendees. This included an interactive in-exhibit theater with ongoing presentations, an eye catching LEDskin® hanging sign above the booth, and several kiosk pods available for product demos. By making the hanging sign out of LEDskin®, show attendees could spot the Matillion booth from anywhere by looking up at the video content playing on the sign. The in-booth theater, utilized for product and partner presentations, included “Silent Disco” headphones, which cancelled any outside noise.

Condit Exhibits delivered one of the most popular exhibits on the show floor and accomplished the goals of their client, Matillion. The Matillion Team Transform exhibit won 3rd Place for “Best in Show” and 1st Place for “Best Swag” at the AWS re:invent show. Matillion’s exhibit is estimated to have saved 40% from their single-use rental and turnkey booth structures used in the past. There was also a 400% increase in exhibit scans from booth visibility and in-exhibit theater components.

CategoryExhibit Booths
ClientCondit Exhibits
FairAWS re:Invent 2019

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