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Winner! The “Best of” beMatrix Events in 2016

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The winner of the beMatrix® 2016 “Best of Awards” for Events was Acer Exhibits and Events from Harve de Grace, MD. With the objective of enticing major retail brands to lease space at a newly proposed mixed-use property development, Plank Industries enlisted Acer Exhibits to create an environment that would allow the builder to showcase and communicate Plank’s vision in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Utilizing over 100 linear feet of wall at 16 feet tall, b62® frames formed the outer facade covered in seamless SEG fabric and customized with retail store front windows. Acer then finished the interior with custom crafted interior walls of wood and aluminum. Combining beMatrix’s versatile, lightweight and structural frames for large runs of walls and customized construction is an award winning (and cost-effective) formula. Well done Acer!

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