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Winner! “Best Of The Best” beMatrix Exhibit by ACCESS TCA

E. Christen

The winner of the beMatrix® 2016 “Best of Awards” for “Best Overall Exhibit” was ACCESS TCA from Whitinsville, MA. Their client, Think Surgical, engaged ACCESS TCA to use two adjacent show spaces (20 x 20’ and 20 x 40’) to inform, demonstrate and engage prospects for advanced orthopedic robotic systems at AAOS.

Traffic flow and prospect interest was initiated at information kiosks designed using standard beMatrix® 1R curves in the 20 x 40 space. A SEG fabric header connecting the kiosks created a visual path to a beMatrix® wrapped deck where actual robotic demonstrations would take place at floor level. Following the demo, the pre-screened prospect was then led to a private meeting space on the upper level. It’s obvious that beMatrix® curves weren’t the only element contributing to the “smooth” operation and design of this space. Well done ACCESS!

For additional views of the structure click below…..

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