Re!nventing exhibit building systems.

Double Wall Plate Connector

E. Christen New Products - 360° Solution - beMatrix - 2017

[901 28 0400 GALVA / 901 28 0403 GALVA]

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Seamless LEDskin™ Solutions

E. Christen 2017 - beMatrix - 360° Solution - LEDskin™ - New Products

e4 Design’s unique solution utilizing be Matrix® frames and new LEDskin™ panels for RentPath's NAA Show in Atlanta Georgia, threw attendees, competitors, and customers for a loop… a digital loop. The seamless integration between the all new LED skin™ and standard b62® frames allowed for a totally custom look and finish in a rental solution.

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Ceiling Panel Support

E. Christen 2017 - New Products - 360° Solution - beMatrix

Now a single system lets you present something different and surprising at each event. Your same beMatrix® frames take any form, any look, any finish, at any time you want.

Thanks to new, innovative developments by beMatrix®, owners of existing DMK, b62® and b55 frames can now expand into floors and ceilings.

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LEDskin® awarded with Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

E. Christen 2017 - LEDskin™ - 360° Solution - New Products - Award - Reddot Award - beMatrix

It's with enormous pride that we can officially announce that our revolutionary LEDskin® was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

The innovative strength of our LEDskin® left a big impression on the 40-member jury of experts, who examined 5,500 entries from 54 different countries.

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beMatrix® has re!nvented the art of exhibit building!

E. Christen 2017 - 360° Solution - ExhibitorLIVE - beMatrix - New Products

Ever consider incorporating walls, ceilings, and floors into your exhibit designs?

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ExhibitorLIVE 2017 New Products Showcase

E. Christen 2017 - Award - beMatrix - ExhibitorLIVE - New Products - 360° Solution

beMatrix® has reinvented the art of exhibit building!

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