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Portable Modular Awards

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beMatrix Partners

We are so proud of the work our Partners have accomplished over the past few years that we would hate for you to miss being an award winner! We encourage you to submit be Matrix designs to Exhibitor Magazine's Portable Modular Awards. This contest will show off your beMatrix solutions along with your team’s innovative design and production skills. All winners will receive a $100 gift card for the designer and one all expenses paid trip to our next be Academy. If you have any questions, please reach out to Emma Christen.


The competition is open to modular, system, and portable exhibits making their debut in the United States or abroad between Oct. 1, 2015 - Oct. 1, 2017. To be eligible, exhibits must have been designed and constructed for a specific client during the eligibility period. Exhibits not physically constructed are not eligible for participation. Past Portable Modular Award winning designs are ineligible.

How To Enter

Step 1: Submission Instructions

Download the detailed, printable Submission Instructions, which fully explain the following requirements and the entire submission process.

Step 2: Form/Fee
Fill out the online entry form and remit payment via credit card.

Step 3: PowerPoint/Summary

Download the PowerPoint Template and prepare a written project description and low-res visuals via PowerPoint format. (Submit via DropBox.)

Step 4: High-Res Photos

Submit overall and detail images of the completed project. Videos and floor plans may be included in your submission. (Submit via DropBox.)

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