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ExhibitorLIVE 2017 New Products Showcase

E. Christen2017

Ever consider incorporating walls, ceilings, and floors into your exhibit designs?

With the new beMatrix® 360° solution, builders can use one frame to achieve all three applications and merge them into a single-flowing structure. This structural flexibility allows for unique and striking designs that can accommodate a wide range of configurations, looks, and finishes. 

The beMatrix® 360° solution provides the most versatility for designers to conceptualize fresh and surprising concepts for new projects, experiences, and events, efficiency for builders to assemble structures with precision and speed and without tools, and profitability for owners to generate desirable ROI.

Thanks to new, innovative developments by beMatrix®, owners of existing DMK, b62®, and b55 frames can expand into floors and ceilings with ease.

Visit booth #1413 at ExhibitorLive 2017 for hands-on examples!

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