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beMatrix® USA Assures Clients That The Travel Ban Will Not Impact Deliveries


beMatrix® USA Remains Fully Stocked and Ready to Meet Client Needs

beMatrix® USA, designer and manufacturer of a modular frame system for the exhibit builder, general contractor, and event producer, has assured clients that the European travel ban will not impact beMatrix’s ability to fulfill its clients’ needs.

beMatrix® USA’s core product, the beMatrix® b62® frame system, is fabricated from aluminum and other materials sourced locally in the USA. All fabrication of beMatrix® frames takes place at the company’s Atlanta, Georgia headquarters, which remains staffed to accommodate its clients’ needs.

Other accessories that are fabricated outside the U.S. will also continue to be available. In addition to the sizable stock at beMatrix’s headquarters, President Trump has clarified his statements to confirm that goods coming from Europe will not be effected by the current travel ban.

beMatrix® USA currently has over 70,000 square feet of beMatrix® product on hand at its warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. “Our business model allows our robust supply chain to continue in situations such as the current health crisis. Everyone can rest assured that we’ll continue to provide our high-quality products within the tight turn-arounds they’ve become accustomed to,” says Chris Lake, director of manufacturing operations, beMatrix®. 

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