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25 Year Party


2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the ‘original frame system with big holes,’ reinventing the way exhibit builders create their solutions. Thanks to this system, beMatrix® has become a reliable partner in the large and continuously evolving trade show and events markets. What is more, beMatrix®, headquartered in Belgium, has grown to be a world-respected brand with a global network of bePartners™ & subsidiaries and never ceases to amaze with their innovation excellence, always improving the system’s efficiency and effectivity.

The pinnacle of 2018 was the mid-June ‘25 years of frame’ event in Roeselare, Belgium. On Thursday evening June 14th, 500 guests – all stakeholders (clients, suppliers, relatives and friends) – were invited to a unique event at the beMatrix® HQ campus.

The guests experienced the beMatrix® story, with a guided tour of both the showroom and the shop floor, followed by a spectacular show in a production space transformed into a fabulous event venue wholly fabricated of the frame we gathered to celebrate.

Multiple trial bike world champion Kenny Belaey and friend of beMatrix® treated the audience to his breath-taking stunts on an actual beMatrix® frame course similar to the one he uses when performing at NBA games in North America. In addition to the other speeches and entertainment, the launch of the new ‘Clash of the contrasts’ campaign was rolled out, which will put beMatrix® in the limelight in the coming year. Not only does beMatrix® stand out because of product innovation, but also straightforwardly and innovatively we communicate the aim to be different.

“We aim to make the life of the exhibit builder easier and more efficient. We don’t manufacture systems; we provide the tools to facilitate the creation of modular stories with endless options. We look at an established industry with fresh eyes and innovate fresh new ways to be creative. We run our business with passion, with sustainability and with respect for everyone in our value chain, to make sure our clients can stay focused on what they do best. That vision inspired our new campaign and this event.” explains Pieter Lecluyse, beMatrix® Marketing Manager.

The world of beMatrix® offers endless possibilities. It is a world of contrasts and extremes. It cannot be tamed or categorized. Just when you think you know everything there is to identify and have explored all options, you will once again be surprised

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