Re!nventing exhibit building systems.

beMatrix® Meets all the Requirements of Today's Exhibit and Event Markets

  • beMatrix®: Combines modularity with custom-build features
  • Industry leading ROI: Durable, flexible, quick installation and easily managed
  • Modular and Multi-Purpose: The same frame is suitable for both hard panels, SEG fabric graphics, slatwall, plexiglass, and custom infills
  • The most sustainable system: Lightweight and infinitely reusable
The Best Investment You Can Make

The Best Investment You Can Make

Join Exhibit Builders and Event Companies worldwide who are experiencing the unsurpassed benefits beMatrix® is bringing to their organizations and their customers.

Due to standardization of the beMatrix® frame system, ease of design and inventory management are leading factors making beMatrix® the perfect choice for a rental inventory.

The benefits carry onto the tradeshow and event floor resulting from lower labor costs due to unique Tooless™ installations, lower drayage and freight bills and flexibility in frame coverings.

beMatrix® frames are not limited to walls or tradeshows, with 7 standard curves it is a true design system. Customers are utilizing the beMatrix® frame system in tradeshows, events, retail, museums, and lobbies, in endless configurations.

The Only Modular System in the Market That Looks Custom

The Only Modular System in the Market That Looks Custom

beMatrix® has the look and feel of a custom design while having the modularity and possibilities of a system... What you do not see is what you get!

By easily combining aluminum frames with hard panels or SEG fabric graphics, beMatrix® bridges the gap between traditional wood construction and prefabrication.

Continuous research and product development ensures the certainty of adaption to future design trends as evidenced by recent seamless solutions.

The beMatrix® structure is on the inside, virtually no aluminum is exposed, adding to the system's custom look as well as durability.

Hard panels, fabric graphics or alternative infills such as slatwall and plexiglass make beMatrix® the best custom system choice.

The Most Sustainable Product in the Market

The Most Sustainable Product in the Market

While most aluminum products can claim to be sustainable, the fact that beMatrix® is comprised of aluminum frames that are re-used in their original format makes beMatrix® truly sustainable.

beMatrix® frames are durable. Many beMatrix® frames seen on tradeshow and event floors today may be over 10 years old and have been used countless times. beMatrix® frames are on the inside and are primarily covered, thereby not showing their age.

beMatrix®: re-usable, durable, 100% recyclable = sustainable.

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