Re!nventing exhibit building systems.

With the beMatrix® frame system possibilities are endless

Since our beMatrix® aluminum frames can be combined with both panels and fabric they can adapt to almost every design.

Furthermore, our frame system is also the strongest, most light-weight, and only system-less system in the market. This provides many advantages:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Design Flexibility
  • Graphically adaptable
  • Quick Installation
  • Ease of Use
  • Inventory Management
  • Tremendous ROI

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Keep the body, change the skin! Endless possibilities with the beMatrix frame system.


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Clients testifying our quality

"The beAcademy training was both informative and fun.  It was a fully immersive experience that left me feeling like a beMatrix expert.  The staff was helpful, the lectures were comprehensive and well thought out, and the hands-on experience was critical to understanding just how efficient and effective beMatrix truly is."
Elise Masur

"Thank you for the great experience at the beMatrix training!
The training helped me understand the newer beMatrix products that I am not yet familiar with, and also was useful to reinforce information about the products that I use every day. I was able to learn about ways to use the existing products that we already have in stock in more complex or unique ways, and get ideas for how we can incorporate the existing stock and new products together to make more dynamic design options for our clients."
Thank you!  

“This is not a rental system, this is a design element. You can really build whatever you want.”

“I like the product very much because of the ability to be able to scale it up or scale it down."

"Great product, great explanation of the capabilities and a great time with the beMatrix team."

“It’s given us the ability to offer more and make our clients unique to the neighboring exhibit."

“We feel like we are doing business with winners.”

“It’s the team at beMatrix that helps us succeed as well as the product itself."

“It’s so versatile, it allows us to really customize to client needs”

“Our investment in beMatrix has helped us be more nimble and able to respond to the ever changing customer demands.”

“beMatrix is a key component in our rental inventory.”

“Having beMatrix has allowed us to look at much much larger projects and know that we can handle it internally.”

"I have been to several training programs and this is honestly the first that I wished wouldn't end! Their hospitality was impecible and the classes were very informative."

“We figure we're saving about 30% of time on what it takes to build the typical 20 x 20 and under exhibit. Most island exhibits have between 7 and 15 variables that have to come together on the show floor. So when the job is delayed or slows down, it's almost never the beMatrix part that slows us down."

“I think the thing about beMatrix is that they still have a simple connection, it’s Tooless™.”

“It is a fully customizable rental option.”

“It’s an easy product to work with, its versatile, you can use it so many different variations.”

"The sessions were well planned, well executed and there was never a dull moment. They keep things light and interesting while learning about their great system."

"The beAcademy training I attended was no less than amazing.


The perfect balance between acquiring new knowledge, a hands on learning curve, a better understanding of the possibilities offered by the beMatrix system, a networking platform with potential partner and fun times with the great beMatrix team.


We were very well received; handshakes, smiles, great food and cocktails.


This training is a must for anyone in our industry and may need to be repeated from time to time.


Thank you to our beMatrix partners."


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