Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does beUniversity cost?
A: beUniversity is completely free! It is a service to our industry to help customers ramp up their employees.

Q: How long is each module?
A: We have 17 lectures over 3 modules. We estimate that each module can be completed in about 2 hours, but this can vary.

Q: Will there be tests?
A: Yes, in order to assess the knowledge gained, each module will end with a 10 question test.

Q: Can I view beUniversity on the show floor?
A: Yes! If you have an internet connection you can access beUniversity via laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Q: How many of my employees can sign up?
A: At this time we have no limit on sign-ups.

Q: Will completing this course give me some type of certification?
A: At this time we are not offering certification for completing beUniversity.

Q: Do you plan to expand this?
A: Yes, beUniversity is our commitment to our industry. We will continue to evolve and update it as we do.