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beMatrix® Continues to Spread its Global Vision of Innovation and Collaboration

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Roeselare, Belgium/Norcross, GA, USA January 22, 2018 - With worldwide revenue expected to double in 2018 it
has become ever more important for beMatrix® to solidify its global branding vision. To that end, owners Stefaan
Decroos and Edwin Van der Vennet have taken the initiative to acquire the interests of beMatrix® USA partners
Robert Laarhoven and Lance Wachholz. Effective February 1, 2018, Decroos and Van der Vennet will be sole
owners of beMatrix® USA. Van der Vennet will become CEO of the USA operation and Laarhoven takes on the role
of President.

"As beMatrix® continues its monumental global growth we felt this was the opportune time to assume
responsibility for the uniformity of the beMatrix® brand worldwide. We are thankful for Lance and Robert
introducing the ‘original frame system with holes’ to the US market in 2000 and for the growth they were able to
attain," stated Van der Vennet. Over the past 18 years, beMatrix® has become the exhibit rental system of choice
for many of the top exhibit, event and general contracting companies in North America. "Our knowledge of the
North American market, combined with beMatrix’s continuous commitment to innovation, has been a recipe for
success as evidenced by Red Dot Design Awards in 2013 and 2017, as well as inclusion in the Inc5000 list
(#1580) in 2017. We are proud of what we have accomplished together, and I look forward to being a part of our
continued success," added Laarhoven.

About beMatrix®
The 360° Exhibit System

beMatrix®, headquartered in Roeselare, Belgium, with production facilities in Roeselare, Norcross, GA (USA) and
Hangzhou, China and sales and distribution ofces in 61 countries, manufactures a Tooless™, reusable frame
system for the exhibit builder, general contractor and event producer industries. The same aluminum frame
accepts both hard panel and fabric inlls. Combining it's new 360° Design initiative and Tooless™ approach, The
System is recognized for its quick and easy construction of walls, ceilings and oors. Used worldwide for exhibits,
events, pop-up venues and displays, The System is complete with straight and curved frames, doors, counters,
lighting and wall mounting accessories. The System is considered environmentally sustainable, providing endless
reuseability as the same aluminum frames are continuously recongured and redesigned into new structures. The
beMatrix® factories support complete sustainability by recycling 100% of all waste created during the fabrication

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