The original aluminium frame system with big holes, designed according to a 62mm grid.

Designed to engage, The b62® System impresses through flexibility of color, size, shape and textures. It's custom architecture changes easily with your message. Towering full color graphics, warm wood grain panels, cool metallic finishes, soft flowing curves, or clean linear edges.

The lightweight, anodized aluminum frames pack in fewer crates and weigh less than conventional “custom exhibits” for lower shipping and drayage expenses. Now, you can do more for less!

b62® is great for multipe uses such as exhibits, events, displays, pop up stores, conference rooms and so much more!

Design options change from season to season, market to market, even show to show. So Keep the body, change the skin!

Your image is everything … now create and be seen!

Fast install and dismantle will reduce labor costs with the simple Tooless™ assembly system.

Aluminium is endlessly re-usable, 100% recyclable and lightweight for ease of handling.

The lightweight frames pack compactly in a crate. Resulting in lower shipping, drayage and storage expenses of up to 66% with our b62® frames.

Designs are endlessly flexible when using our curved and straight frames to create headers, towers, 2-story backwalls and so much more!

Graphic versatility is easy when using the new b62® frame. The same frame accepts both SEG fabric and hard panel graphics.

Get a seamless graphic presentation when covering multiple frames with fabric.

Reconfigure the same structure when going from season to season, market to market, or show to show.

Keep the body, change the skin!

Numerous accessiories are availble for complete finishes, such as shelves, flatscreen supports, and LED stem lights.

Design flexibility allows for countless possiblities. All of our frames are built on a 62 mm grid allowing all of them to connect together to create numerous structures.

The next generation frame is available in many straight, curved and door sizes!

The new b62® frame accepts both hard panel and fabric graphics, making it easy to change your message.

Want a more custom look? Use materials such as faux brick, wood panels, metal mesh and slatwall... the options are limitless!

Reconfigure your frames to create a completely new design...

Keep the body, change the skin!

To enhance the simplicity and ease of use The beMatrix System is 99% Tooless™!

The 30mm hole on a 62mm grid is the standard throughout. This simple design eliminates locks, tools and simplifies connectors.

Quick mounting and stable construction guaranteed by using the new Tooless™ connectors, slot connectors, lightweight and positioning pins. The result is easy asembly on site.

beMatrix® offers a complete variety of accessories including shelf brackets, mounting brackets and stem lights.

Downloads & links

Downloads & links